Jamaica International Telecommunications Ltd v National Workers Union


Industrial Disputes Tribunal

Lynch, C.

No. 5 of 1977

Jamaica International Telecommunications Ltd.
National Workers Union

Labour law - Collective agreement — Wage increases.


Reference is made to the award in the above dispute dated 23rd August 1977 by the Tribunal consisting of–

Mr. Basil Lynch


Mr. Owen Plant

Employers' Representative

Mr. Edward Dixon

Workers' Representative


appointed to settle the said dispute.


The decision of the Tribunal was stated as follows–

“The decision of the Tribunal is that the workers covered by the Collective Labour Agreement of l6th June 1976 are not entitled to receive any increments during 1976 and 1977 over and above the wages provided for in the said Agreement.”


The Union, by letter dated 1st September 1977 requested an interpretation the Award. The Tribunal met on Wednesday 19th October 1977 and heard submissions from the Union on the matter; the Company did not exercise its entitlement to be heard.


The decision of the Tribunal follows–

The Collective Labour Agreement of 16th June 1976 provided “inter alia” for–

“The revision of Wages and Salaries on the principles stipulated in the Wage/Salaries Guidelines for the graduated reduction of increases at the higher levels as follows–

a) 1st January 1976 — 31st December 1976

- Annual rates of pay up to the maximum of $7,000 will be increased by thirty percent (30%).

- Annual rates of pay over $7,000 up to the maximum of $12,000 will be increased by the sum of $2,100 or part thereof. Where however the results exceed $12,000, the respective increases will be the sum required to bring the total to $12,000 plus one-half of the excess.

(b) 1st January 1977 — 31st December 1977


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