Government of Jamaica v Union of Technical, Administrative and Supervisory Personnel


Industrial Disputes Tribunal

Martin, C.

50 of 1977

Government of Jamaica
Union of Technical, Administrative And Supervisory Personnel

Labour law - Industrial disputes — Wage increases.

Labour law - Industrial disputes — Improved Fringe Benefits.


By letter dated 8th November, 1977, the Honourable Minister Of Labour, in accordance with section 9(6) of the Labour Relations and Industrial Disputes Act, 1975, referred to the tribunal for settlement a dispute between the employer and certain categories of employees in the Island Medical Laboratory Service of the Ministry of Health and represented by the Trade Union.


The terms of reference to the Tribunal were as follows:

“To determine and settle the dispute between the Crown in respect of the Government of Jamaica on the one hand, and certain categories of workers employed in the Island Medical Laboratory Service of the Ministry of Health and represented by the Union of Technical, Administrative and Supervisory Personnel on the other hand, over the union's clam for increased wages and improved working conditions on behalf of the said workers.”


The division of the Tribunal selected in accordance with section 8(2) of the Act was:

Dr. John Martin — Chairman

Mr. J. Murray Harris — Employers' representative

Mr. Edward Dixon — Workers' Representative


The employer was represented by:

Mr. D. G. Edmunds (Legal)

Mr. M. B, Scott

Mr. C. G, Levy

Mr. E. A. Oxford

Mr. H. E. Malcolm

Mr. C. D. Levy

Miss M. Thompson

Mr. M. Coley

Miss J. E. Whittingham

Mrs. M. Brown


The union was represented by:

Mr. W. E. Witter (Legal)

Mr. F.H. Mohammed (Legal)

Mr. R. Ennis

Several Worker/Delegate


Submissions and Sittings


Written briefs were submitted and oral. submissions were made at twelve sittings which were held between the period 17th February, 1978, and 14th April, 1978,


By letter dated 8th August, 1977, the Union of Technical, Administrative and Supervisory Personnel (UTASP) submitted a claim on behalf of the medical technologists employed to the Ministry of Health seeking improvements in salaries and other conditions of service.


The following claims were submitted by the union:

1. Claim-Laboratory technicians

That there be immediately regrading to reflect the following salaries applying to the respective grades and to be effected as 1 st April, 1975:




$ 6,420 x 360 — $ 7,500


$ 7,920 x 420 — $10,020


$10,020 x 480 — $11,940


$11,940 x 4.80 — $13,860


$13,869 x 480 — $15,780

2. Environmental Improvements (a) That there ire an improvement in the facilities for garbage disposals.

  • (b) That a proper canteen be established and that the said canteen be subsidised by the government.

  • (c) That adequate security arrangements be effected immediately.

  • (d) That there be immediate installation of: 1. water coolers 2. air-conditioning units. 3. standby power plants

  • (e) That accommodations for male female rest rooms be provided.

3. That diplomates on entering service or an acquisition of the necessary qualifications be automatically placed in a grade not below 2.

4. Health Plan

  • (a) That a full coverage for medical care be instituted that will include the provisions of drugs, dental, optical and surgical benefits without cost to the employee.

  • (b) That a workers clinic be mace available to the employees.

  • (c) That private rooms be made available to the employees in all Public Hospitals to which they arc, employed.

  • (d) That the employees be covered against accidents on and off the job by adequate Insurance Premiums.

  • (e) That annual medical checkups be given to all employee.

5. Life Insurance

That life insurance coverage be given to all employees carrying a benefits value of not less than two years salary and a minimum of $15,000 in the case that two years salary is less than $,16,000.

6. Maternity leave

That three months maternity leave with pay be given to female employees qualifying.

7. Training

  • (a) That there be frequent seminars and refresher courses designed to upgrade skills and improve performance.

  • (b) That annual scholarships be given for employees to pursue degree courses.

  • (c) That reasonable leave of absence be given to employees for pursuing trade union courses.

8. Allowances

  • (a) That far during emergency work after the completion of the first eight hours on normal days the employee should be paid $20.00 for a minimum of four hours work. For working beyond four hours the employee concerned should be paid $40.

  • (b) Far similar duties on a Saturday the amount should be increased by 50%.

  • (c) For working on Sundays and public...

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