Desnoes and Geddes Ltd v Bustamante Industrial Trade Union


Industrial Disputes Tribunal

LeWars, C.

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Desnoes And Geddes Ltd.
Bustamante Industrial Trade Union

Labour law - Trade Union — Recognition.


By letter dated 11th May, 1978, the honourable Minister of Labour, in accordance with Section 5(3) of the Labour Relations and Industrial Disputes Act, 1975, referred to the tribunal for settlement, the dispute between Desnoes and Geddes Limited and the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union.


The terms of reference to the tribunal are as follows:

“To determine and settle the dispute between Desnoes and Geddes Limited on the one hand, and the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union on the other hand as respects the category of workers of whom the ballot should be taken or the persons who should be eligible to vote in the ballot to determine the union's claim for bargaining rights”.


The division of the tribunal selected in accordance with section 8(2) of the Act was:

Mr. Russell LeWars — Chairman

Mr. Noel Holness — Employers' Representative

Mr. Headley Allman — Workers' Representative


The company was represented by:

Mr. E. Ashenheim (legal)

Mr. Lewis


The union was represented by:

Mr. L. Beckford

Several Worker/Delegates


Submissions and Sittings


The parties submitted briefs and made oral submissions at two (2) sittings held on the 7th July, and 10th August, 1973.


Background to the Dispute


On the 23rd March, 1978, the union submitted a claim for bargaining rights for categories of supervisors and foremen in maintenance and production, brew house, cellars, laboratory technicians, utility technicians, timekeepers in production.


The union submitted form 1 certificate of membership and requested that a ballot be taken among the categories of workers listed.


The company contended that the appropriate bargaining unit should comprise the totality of such employees other than the executive and confidential staff.


The tribunal awards that the categories and persons of whom the ballot should be taken are indicated in Appendix I attached hereto.


Appendix I


Schedule one

Warehouse, Cellars & Grains

Maint. & Production


Euel Blake

Jack Aaron

Errol Baker

Atlee Dixon

R. Allen

L. Brown

Milo Dixon

C. Anthony

H. Facey

Dalton Dunbar

G. Augustine

K. King

Aubrey Folkes

O. Baker

M. Reid

Herman Garnett

R. Blake

Dorrel Gibson

C. Brown

Utility Technicians

Erold Gilman

J. Bunsie

Bancroft Gordon

H. Campbell

Trevor Aarons

Michael Hurbs

C. Clennon

Wilfred Barnett

Orville Lewinson

L. Cole

Standford Brown

H. Mandison

L. Dacas

Uel Codling

Audley McLean

A. Dacres

Rudolph Davis

Winston Moseley

D. Dick

Esmond Dowding

Eldeston Ramsay

J. Doswell

Audley Edwards

Laster Shaw

L. Evans

Gregory Elphic

Fitz Walker

W. Gayle

Maxwell Gayle

Keith Williams

Barrington Gordon

Victor Gordon

Al Grandison

George Johnson

D. Greens

Leon McNeil

Laboratory Tech.

David Greens

Mark Myrie

K. Heron

Franklyn Ricketts

L. Clarks

L. Henry

Leslie Smellie

Y. Daley

L. Hudson

Joseph Stephens

J. Falconer

V. Lawrence

Jack Walker

T. Feanny

E. Lemard

L. Fray

J. Lewis

L. Gordon

R. Lyew

A. Grant

D. McKoy

V. Hawthorns

J. Morgan

N. Livermore

H. Moulton

K. McCullock

E. Murray

R. Palomino

E. Pinnock

E. Rose

F. Rochester

G. Simpson

K. Samuels

Val Solomon

W. Treasure

C. Walcott

D. Marriott


Schedule II

Office Supervisory

Plant Admin.

Purchasing Supvry.

S. Carless

F. Raymour

J. Chang

Z. Goulbourne

A. Williams

Sales(Advt., vending, promotions) Supervisory

S. Baghaloo

D. Bell

A. Chambers

W. Coley

C. Creary

C. Curtis

W. Dandy

R. Duncan

R. Dunkley

R. Fenderson

R. Forbes

C. Gervis

E. Golding

E. Henry

K. Jackson

L. Langrin

P. Meikle

D. Murdock


McKeith Nuefville

P. Silvera

G. Terrelonge

R. Thompson

N. Vickers


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