The Caribbean Court of Justice: Closing the Circle of Independence

Ian Randle Publishers Ltd
Publication date:

(Director of the CARICOM Legislative Drafting Facility and one of the principal consultants on all development aspects of the Caribbean Court of Justice on which he now sits as a Judge)


What do we really know about the impending Caribbean Court of Justice? The vexed issue of the Court’s establishment has been the subject of much debate but how much of this debate is informed by the facts? This new book bridges the information gap and provides an authoritative guide to the composition, function and administration of this new Court. In a comprehensive yet clear and concise style, the reader is given a background to the more contentious issues such as the funding of the Court, its constitutionality, its original and appellate jurisdiction and the process of delinking from the Privy Council. The exposition and analysis is complemented by an Appendix which includes the Agreements Establishing the Caribbean Court of Justice and the CCJ Trust Fund as well as the accords concerning the Regional Judicial and Legal Services Commission. The Caribbean Court of Justice: Closing the Circle of Independence is a welcomed and much-needed contribution to the ongoing debate and a valuable starting point for any stakeholder in the judicial process.

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