Criminal practice and procedure in the Magistrates' Courts in the Commonwealth Caribbean

Ian Randle Publishers Ltd
Publication date:

(Attorney-at-law of over 30 years practice at both the Public and Private Bar and is currently Senior Tutor II at the Norman Manley Law School, Kingston, where he has taught for nearly 20 years)


Criminal Practice and Procedure in the Magistrates’ Courts in the Commonwealth Caribbean presents a broad overview of criminal procedure as well as a detailed analysis of the primary areas of practice. This comprehensive, reader-friendly text introduces students to criminal procedure and provides practitioners with a ready reference for practice. From the commencement of proceedings, to sentencing and appeals, Criminal Practice and Procedure is a handbook for anyone involved in the criminal justice system. Covering up to date developments in areas such as plea bargaining and the treatment of juveniles readers are provided with a bridge to the gap of understanding the fundamentals of criminal law and how the law operates in practice. The major areas covered are: Commencement of Proceedings; Bail; Officers of the Magistrates’ Courts; Enforcement of Attendance; Committal Proceedings; Summary Trial; Triable Either Way; Juveniles; Sentencing; and Appeals. Comprehensively referenced to existing and pending legislation as well as case law, Criminal Practice and Procedure is an important foundational text for the student and practitioner alike.

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